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Our experts have great expertise in providing high-quality electrotechnical products for more than 100 years. In addition, we supply needs-based solutions and suitable Schutzkontaktmaterial, Wires + cables, Extra-low voltage + protective separation, application-compliant CEE material as well as Line roles, Reel, Cable drums, Energy distributor, Work equipment and diamond technology.

Of course we are also professional in LED lighting segment.

We guarantee reliable delivery and fast, smooth service. With our products, of course, you get not only a haptic experience, but also a safe support and a loyal companion. We deliver innovative and at the same time proven solutions and ensure consistent and lasting quality. Through years of experience and expertise, we can safely say that you are in good hands with our products.

Our product categories – Products for your safety

Startseite Elektron-Berlin | Leitungen + Kabel
Wires + cables
Startseite Elektron-Berlin | Leitungsroller + Aufroller
Cable reel + rewinder
Startseite Elektron-Berlin | Schutzkontakt-Material
Contact material
Startseite Elektron-Berlin | CEE-Material
CEE material
Startseite Elektron-Berlin | Energieverteiler

Energy distributor

Startseite Elektron-Berlin | LED-Beleuchtung
LED lighting
Startseite Elektron-Berlin | Kleinspannung + Schutztrennung
Low voltage + safety isolation
Work tools + diamond tech
Products: Security check

Elektron Berlin mounts and tests –
everything under one roof.

Every product assembled by our employees is subjected to intensive testing before delivery to you. This is how we guarantee our high standards of product quality and the safety of our electrotechnical products.